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  • Supporting Hearing in Elderly Citizens

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Eindevent SHiEC 18.04.2017

Op dinsdag 18.04.2017 organiseren we het SHiEC eindevent in de

Botanische tuin Zuidas. Het programma vindt u hier.

Er worden schrijftolken voorzien en indien gewenst kan u gebruik maken van ringleiding.


Wil u zich graag inschrijven voor het eindevent op dinsdag 18.04.2017?

Klik dan op de knop hieronder:



U bent van harte welkom!



Bedankt voor uw aanwezigheid!

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The SHiEC project has an overarching goal to develop a prototype digital
health platform that supports elderly users to maximally benefit from their
hearing implant by;

    • Empowering them, i.e. by providing them tools by which they can take care
      of their hearing and their hearing device themselves.
      These ICT tools can take the form of web portals and mobile apps.
    • Bringing them remotely in contact with their professional care givers,
      i.e. the audiological staff in the specialized clinic
      or the ENT doctor, by means of cloud based solutions

      Please watch this movie to learn more about the project!